Wedding FAQs

Where are you based?

I am based in Chattanooga, TN but feel free to read the next question.


Do you travel?

I love to travel! I mean, I really love to travel. Shoot me an email to inform me of your wedding plans and we can discuss and hopefully make it happen.


How far in advance should we book a photographer?

First should come then date and venue. Next up on the list is usually getting your photographer hired. There really is no time that is too soon, with the average being 6-12 months in advance. Didn’t get things planned so far out in advance? Fret not, just send me an email to check availability.


Will you be the one shooting my wedding?

Yes! I will be the one to photograph your wedding.


Do you use a 2nd photographer?

This really depends on your wants. I do like to use a 2nd photographer, as it ensures that between the two of us, we don’t miss any important shots. My 2nd photographer will offer a different yet complimentary perspective to all the special moments throughout the day.


What kind of camera and equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon’s top tier camera body and a combination of prime and zoom lenses. I do prefer natural light and will use light modifiers such as reflectors to utilize the available light as much as possible. When necessary, such as in dark venues, I will shoot with flash.


Do you shoot B&W?

B&W photographs are just amazing and seem to really remain timeless and elegant. I shoot in digital color, and with today’s digital age, I am afforded with the ability to process the image in B&W or color. A lot of times, I really love the way an image comes out in both color as well as B&W and so you will get both!


What type of files will I receive?

I always shoot in RAW as this allows me to get the best quality of image possible. During post processing, I will convert the files into high resolution JPG files which is what you will receive.


When should the couple portraits be taken?

All your call on this one, but there are options here. Typically, these would be shot a couple of hours before the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony.  Shooting prior to the ceremony is another way to get things checked off the list early and also allows the wedding party to mingle and have fun during cocktail hours. There is always the option of us sneaking off during the reception to capture some sunset shots.


Do you take candid shots?

This is where all the fun comes in. I am right in the middle of the action trying to get all the best angles. If you want to truly capture the fun and energy then you have to be a part of it.


How long will it be before I get to see my wedding photographs?

Generally 2-3 weeks following the wedding your images will be ready. I start with carefully choosing all of the best images from all throughout the day. I next process each image individually and prep them for delivering to you.


Will my photographs be available online?

Yes, your images will all be uploaded into a password protected gallery on my website. I typically post all of my favorite images in a post on my blog and possibly my portfolio as well.


What is the price of your wedding sessions?

My prices begin at $700 for a weekend (F – Su) wedding. Please feel free to contact me for full rates and details. If you are having something very simple such as a City Hall or small backyard wedding, then I am confident that we can find something that will work for you as well.


I am ready to book with you. What now?

Visit my contact page or click below and give me a shout. I typically set up a meeting so that we may meet in person or use Skype if your location requires. This helps to answer any questions that you may have. Once all is agreed upon, I will send you a contract to sign and return along with our per-determined deposit. At this point you may then check “find a photographer” off your ever growing list!