Marquee Wedding Venues, Decor and Services

Venue and decor 

The venue can be for the wedding itself in case of garden weddings or those that take place outside the church premises or the reception. While choosing your venue, you need to consider the number of guests, the cost of the venue, its location and accessibility as well as its appropriateness for the wedding. You can choose between indoor and outdoor venues based on your tastes and preferences as well as the forecasted weather conditions on the material day. The venue could be in a picturesque location, near a water body or pool, or even in a beautiful garden. The décor enhances the beauty of the venues and showcases the theme of the wedding. It can range from simple to complex, elegant to exquisite, traditional to modern styles. marquee hire birmingham enhances the beauty of the entrance to the venue. The décor is usually in the wedding's theme colours but couples have the freedom to choose what works for them.

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Catering services

Food is an integral part of celebrations and weddings are not an exception. Caterers provide food, drinks and in some cases the cake for the ceremony. The couple is responsible for the menu but the caterer must provide a high quality of diverse foods for the guests. The caterers must also ensure that there is enough food for the guests.

While choosing a caterer, you must choose one whose food is tasty and also understand that the food presentation matters. You must taste the food beforehand to avoid embarrassment. In addition, you must ensure that they have the resources to provide and serve food to the specified number of guests.

Photography and videography

While you may not forget what it felt like on your wedding day, the details can become blurry over time. This is where photography and videography comes into play. They help capture all moments of the wedding, the attendees, the venue and all activities that went on. Photographs and videos are also good to help those who could not make it to your big day share in your joy and celebrations.

Given their importance, it is essential to work with a qualified and experienced photography crew. The choice of the crew is fundamental and therefore you need to consider the type of equipment they have, the level of experience they have in covering weddings, whether they specialise in wedding photography or not.

By working with experienced and caring service providers, you will have an easy time during the planning period and on your wedding. Do not let bad vendors compromise your happiness on this important day.